Making evidence easier

I'm a firm believer in evidence-based practice but I recognise achieving this can be difficult. Firstly there's the question of what is evidence? Well, for social care it can come from the research, but also comes from the lived experience of people who use care and support services, carers and practitioners. Then how do you get to the evidence? One of the difficult things for many people involved with mental health and social care is accessing research on what works, what doesn't and what's promising. This is as important for people using services as it is for practitioners. So, because of my commitment to evidence-based practice in mental health and social care, I've taken on the guise of an elf. Don't laugh! I'm one of the growing number of expert elves blogging to make mental health research and guidance simple and easy to access at The Mental Elf (get it?!). We take it in turns to critically appraise and summarise up to date research so it's accessible and digestible. You can keep an eye on my offerings here.